Dine In: Christmas Vegan Afternoon Tea Set for 2 at Lee Garden Cafe


Reserve your table at our Lee Garden Cafe now and enjoy our Christmas Vegan Afternoon Tea Set.

To secure your booking, customers are required to pay a deposit HK$200/per tea set (Full set price: HKD 598).

Please book your afternoon tea set 2 days in advance and call The Cakery’s 2816 1838 Lee Garden café in prior to confirm your booking date and time.

 Each tea set is for 2 persons

Dine in option is available at Lee Garden Café only

*Subject to 10% service charge

Prefer to enjoy our tea set at a park? On a rooftop? Or at the beach?

Order our Afternoon Tea Set Basket now and have it delivered to you in a wicket basket, so you can enjoy it whenever, whenever you fancy.




Vegan Chickpea Sandwich with Homemade Mayo

Chickpea, pickles, red onion, mustard, cayenne powder, gluten free bread, tomato, kale, canola oil, white vinegar, salt and pepper, chickpea juice

Impossible Meatball with Bell Pepper Puree

impossible meat, parsley, red onion, salt, pepper, cayenne, yellow bell pepper, red bell pepper, tomato, salt and pepper



Snowman & Santa Chocolate 

White vegan chocolate, apple crumble cake, filling and frosting, dark vegan chocolate, fondant, food coloring 

2 Chocolate Dreamer 

Cocoa powder, coconut cream, maple syrup, pistachio, freeze dried raspberry, day dreamer cake

2 Passion fruit Tarts

Vegan butter, icing sugar, almond flour, dairy free cream, passion fruit puree, soy milk, white sugar, corn starch, cacao butter vegan

2 Pistachio Strawberry Tarts

Vegan butter, icing sugar, almond flour, plain flour, dairy free cream, soy milk, corn starch, maple syrup, pistachio paste, water, glucose, pectine, white sugar, lemon juice

4 Scones

Golden flaxseed meal, water, plain flour, baking powder, organic cane sugar, table salt, margarine, coconut milk, soy milk

2 Mini Vegan Cupcakes

The CCakery's Tea/Organic Coffee Selection

*Subject to 10% service charge

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