Traditional French bread rendered healthier. We cultivate our sourdough starter (natural wild yeast) that works magic in organic flour. 


Key Ingredients: Organic All Purpose Flour, Natural Yeast, Water, Pink Himalayan Salt


Why Sourdough?

Sourdough bread contains the bacteria Lactobacillus in a higher proportion to yeast than do other breads. More Lactobacillus means higher production of lactic acid, which means less of the potentially dangerous phytic acid. And what does that mean? More mineral availability (particularly k, p, Mg, Zn) and easier digestion


Sourdough fermentation process is long - from 8 hours to over a day. The lengthy process, along with the help of bacteria-yeast, breaks down protein gluten into amino acids (imagine a long chain breaking down to small parts), making the bread easier to digest, even for those sensitive to gluten

Organic Sourdough Baguette



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