2024 Vegan Mini Mooncake Set

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$363.80 $428

Indulge in this quintessential mooncake tradition without the guilt. Our box of 6 mini vegan mooncakes presented in a beautiful gold gift box is great to gift your loved ones. Each box of mooncake contains 3 flavors and each flavor comes in two pieces. 

Pick-up Date: 26 Aug - 15 Sept


Black Sesame Lava – Oozing with essential minerals and high in anti-oxidents, our nutrient-dense Black Sesame Lava is a healthy indulgence that everyone can enjoy.

Red Date Mochi – Naturally sweet and chewy jujubes paired with an equally chewy and delectable mochi center make these mooncakes the ultimate health-forward choice for Mid Autumn.

Pistachio Mochi - Nutty pistachio paste with chewy mochi center, this delicious treat is sure to satisfy your cravings. 

*Keep refrigerated at 4°C or below. To consume the mooncakes, heat them up in the microwave for 15 seconds under medium heat. 

Early Bird & Bulk Discount

Phase 1 (24 June - 31 July)
Early Bird Discount: 15% Off, $363.8 per box
Bulk Discount: 
5 - 24 boxes - 20% off,  $342.4 per box
25 boxes and up - 25% off, $321 per box

Phase 2 (1 Aug - 7 Sept)
Early Bird Discount: 10% Off, $385.2 per box
Bulk Discount:
2 - 19 boxes - 15% off,  $363.8 per box
20 boxes and up - 20% off, $342.4 per box


Black Sesame Lava 
Wheat flour, vegan butter, water, soy milk, vegan white chocolate couverture, almond meal, white bean powder, icing sugar, black sesame paste, sweetened non-dairy cream, white sugar, black sesame, glutinous flour, bamboo charcoal powder

Red Date Mochi
Wheat flour, red date, vegan butter, water, almond meal, soy milk, icing sugar, mochi, white bean powder, sweetened non-dairy cream, white sugar, glutinous flour

Pistachio Mochi
Wheat flour, water, vegan butter, mochi, white sugar, soy milk, glutinous rice flour, pistachio paste, almond meal, white ban powder, icing sugar, pistachio, soy whipping cream

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