CNY Afternoon Tea Set Fook Box


Celebrate the Chinese New Year with The Cakery’s decadent Vegan Afternoon Tea experience, packed with premium ingredients and wholesome, hearty flavors. 

The vegan Chinese New Year Afternoon Tea experience begins with savory bites of Vegan Abalone Tart, Vegetable Dumpling and Turnip Cake. Move on to the anticipated sweet baked goods including Red Sugar Sweet Rice Cake, Mini Cupcake, Mango Chia Pudding, Mandarin Citrus Tart, Goji Berry Red Date Scone, and Yuan Bao Chocolate. The takeaway tea set features three additional Chinese New Year-exclusive sweets, including
Ginger Cookies, Oolong Shortbread, and Red Date Shortbread.



  1. Vegan Abalone tart x 2

  2. Vegetable Dumpling x 2

  3. Turnip Cake x 2 


  1. Red Sugar Sweet Rice Cake x 2

  2. Mini Cupcake x 2

  3. Mango chia pudding x 2

  4. Mandarin Citrus Tart x 2

  5. Gojiberry red date Scones x 2

  6. Yuan Bao Chocolate x 2

  7. Ginger Cookie x 2

  8. Oolong Shortbread x 2

  9. Red date short bread x 2

Includes 2 tea bags. 

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