Dine In: Chinese New Year Vegan Afternoon Tea Set for 2 at Lee Garden Cafe

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Reserve your table at our Lee Garden Cafe now and enjoy our Chinese New Year Vegan Afternoon Tea Set.

To secure your booking, customers are required to pay a deposit HK$200/per tea set for 2 people (Full set price: HKD 588).

Please book your afternoon tea set 2 days in advance and call The Cakery’s 2816 1838 Lee Garden café in prior to confirm your booking date and time.

Each tea set is for 2 persons

Dine in option is available at Lee Garden Café only



  1. Vegan Abalone tart x 2

  2. Vegetable Dumpling x 2

  3. Turnip Cake x 2 


  1. Red Sugar Sweet Rice Cake x 2

  2. Mini Cupcake x 2

  3. Mango chia pudding x 2

  4. Mandarin Citrus Tart x 2

  5. Gojiberry red date Scones x 4

  6. Yuan Bao Chocolate x 2

Includes 2 cups of tea.

*Subject to 10% service charge

Prefer to enjoy our tea set at a park? On a rooftop? Or at the beach?

Order our Afternoon Tea Set Fook Box now and have it delivered to you in a traditional chinese tiffon box, so you can enjoy it whenever, whenever you fancy.

*Subject to 10% service charge

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