My Lady

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A box-shaped cake with the flavor of your choice, beautifully decorated with fresh flowers, swiss buttercream and a gold fondant bird, making it the ideal gift for that special someone.  

Note: Since this cake is made with buttercream, it cannot be made into vegan. If you choose any vegan flavors, the cake base will be vegan but not the cream.

Order lead time: 3-5 days 
Serving: 10 - 12 peoples 
Dietary restriction: Based on the cake flavor of your choice. Please refer to cupcake section for ingredient list. Vegan option not available. 
Cake size: 8" x 4" x 5" 

Frosting - Unsalted butter, egg white, powdered sugar, food coloring 
Decoration: Roses, snapsdragon, fondant bird 

Please note, the final product may look slightly different from the actual photo. The photo is professionally taken with studio lighting. Color and style of color may vary depending on availability.

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