Tailored For Your Wedding​

We are here to create the perfect desserts for your big day. Simply tell us what you have in mind. 

Fondant Cake

The classic wedding cake perfect for any wedding venue. Fondant is a versatile material to shape and work with, making it the ideal for 3-D wedding cake design. 

Gluten-free and dairy-free version also available. 

Naked Cake

Naked wedding cakes are the IT-cake for couples looking for a rustic yet elegant wedding cake concoction. With minimal frosting and no fondant at all, you and your guests can taste the true and not-so-sweet flavour of the cake filled with buttercream. Sponge cake flavour, butter cream flavour, and design are all customisable. 

Gluten-free and dairy-free version also available. 

Dessert Table


For 30 guests

12 Cake Pops

12 Organic Monogram Cookies

12 Macarons

  2 Monogram Cupcakes

12 Regular Cupcakes

12 Bite-Sized Cupcakes

  2-Tier Naked Cake

$6,800 up*


For 80 guests

24 Cake Pops

24 Organic Monogram Cookies

24 Maracons

24 Meringues


  8 Monogram Cupcakes

24 Regular Cupcakes

24 Bite-Sized Cupcakes

  3-Tier Naked Cake

$15,800 up*


For 150 guests

48 Cake Pops

48 Organic Monogram Cookies

48 Maracons

48 Meringues


12 Monogram Cupcakes

48 Regular Cupcakes

48 Bite-Sized Cupcakes

  4-Tier Naked Cake

$25,800 up*

*Additional charge will apply for delivery and setup


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