Health Benefits of Chestnut!

Roasted Chestnut is a popular healthy street food in Hong Kong, they are particularly popular during winter. The hawker slow roasts the chestnuts in hot cinders inside a large wok, these warm chestnuts are excellent hand warmer!

Whether you enjoy them roasted on an open fire, sprinkled over sprouts or stirred into a stuffing mixture, chestnuts add plenty of texture, flavor and goodness to any dish. Read on to discover why they’re so good for you:

Nutritional profile of chestnuts:

100g of raw chestnuts, approximately 8 to 9 pieces, contains around 149 calories. Unlike other nuts, chestnuts are relatively lower in fat and higher in fiber. It contains 2%-7% ‘good’ fats or unsaturated fats. It is also a good source of fiber, which plays a major role in digestive health. There are about 5.1g of fiber in every 100g of chestnuts. Other nutrients found in chestnuts include calcium, iron, and zinc etc. Calcium helps build stronger bones and teeth; Iron plays an important role in making new red blood cells; and Zinc supports new cell growth and helps heal after an injury. Chestnuts also contains all the B vitamins which are needed to help release energy from food and vitamin E which helps to look after the health of our eyes and skin. 

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Here is a roasted chestnut recipe that you can try (Roasted Chestnuts with Butter, Rosemary, and Honey). Also if you are interested, you can also check out our gluten-free rum-infused chestnut chiffon cake- Golden Chestnut!