Wedding Dessert Table
A dessert table, also known as a “sweet table”, goes beyond the candy buffets.

Our desserts are a collection of highly styled and designed desserts put together in an artful display on desserts table. Nothing sweetens up a wedding reception or party event quite like a dessert buffet. It’s an overflowing sweet buffet that lets guest pick their own treats.

We design the desserts to match your themes, colours and etc that fit your budget.

Kindly check out our package as below or contact us for any customised quote. 

(For 30 guests)

$6,800 up*

(For 80 guests)

$15,800 up*

(For 150 guests)

$25,800 up*

For 30 guests For 80 guests For 150 guests
12 Cake Pops 24 Cake Pops 48 Cake Pops
12 Organic Monogram Cookies 24 Organic Monogram Cookies 48 Organic Monogram Cookies
12 Macarons 24 Maracons 48 Maracons
  2 Monogram Cupcakes 24 Meringues 48 Meringues
12 Regular Cupcakes
 8 Monogram Cupcakes
12 Monogram Cupcakes
12 Bite-Sized Cupcakes
24 Regular Cupcakes
48 Regular Cupcakes
  2-Tier Naked Cake
24 Bite-Sized Cupcakes
48 Bite-Sized Cupcakes
  3-Tier Naked Cake
4-Tier Naked Cake