When Everyone is Talking About New Year’s Resolutions

How many goals you managed to achieve in 2018, and how many you failed? Were the goals realistic and measurable? How many of them are still incomplete, and why? Was it because you did not put enough time and effort, or you did not have the right strategies? Were you too stubborn and not open to suggestions? Was the list too long that you failed to prioritize them? Did you get distracted by other people or the goals need to be extended to 2019 and possibly require longer planning?

If you have been unable to complete your New Year’s resolutions in the past, there are some practical tips to change your behavior.

Source: Diana Yen

1. Evaluate what you did last year.

Take out a piece of paper, let’s be objective and honest with yourself. List out the ones you nailed last year and understand what happened. Writing can empower you and strengthen your commitment. It could subconsciously put you into action, and push you when you least expect it. It influences you to work towards the goal, analyze what you did right, and how you can improve it. Be proud and celebrate your success. Vice versa, list out the ones you failed and repeat the steps.

Source: The Every Girl

2. The 5 - Second rule

Mel Robbins discussed about this technique in her book "The 5-second rule". The 5-second rule can transform your thoughts and behaviors. Our feelings play an important role to prevent us from taking action to do positive things. When anxiety comes in, feelings replace our action with more negative thoughts and self-doubts. Thus, the 5-second rule comes in handy. Do the countdown: “ 5,4,3,2,1,” then physically take action. That 5 seconds is a wake-up call for you to rewire your brain from control, fear and urges and prompt you to take action. That action will wake your prefrontal cortex and shift it momentarily. By then, you will be able to make the decision and do what is constructive. The 5-second rule is a skill that requires practicing. Start it today.

Source: Del Monte

3. Keep it simple and be patient

It’s easier said than done, especially for the bad habits that has been with you for years. It is silly to think that we can transform oneself within a day or two. It is important to move forward one step at a time. Break a single event into a series of tasks and gradually work towards your ultimate goal. By end of the year, you will see how much you have achieved. It takes time to develop good habits, there is no need to rush but do not wait too long. Exploring and creating a healthy lifestyle can be a fun and exciting process. Having awareness is already half the battle. 

May your new year’s resolutions energize you, give you greater purpose, and reward you in an unforgettable path to life’s adventures!