Vintage Pink Cherry

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Our pink Lambeth cake is intricately hand-piped creating a vintage design. Choose from a variety of cake flavors, the cake is topped with cherry shaped candles.

Please note: 4 and 6 inch cakes will have 2 layers of cakes. 8 inch cake will be 3 layers of cakes. We only offer vegan option for single tier cakes. Vegan cake flavor cake be made for 2 tier cake but they will have to be decorated with buttercream.

Serving size:
4 inch - 4  people
6 inch - 8 people
8 inch - 25 people
4 + 6 inch - 12 people
6 + 8 inch - 33 people



Cake Decorations

White chocolate compound, sweetened non-dairy cream, vanilla extract, color

Cake body (Depends on the flavor of your choice)

Please refer to cupcake page for cake ingredient list.

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