Apple Crumble

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Vegan apple crumble cupcake filled with diced caramelized pple & topped with cinnamon white chocolate whipped ganache with crunchy oats topping.

Health Benefits
Apples are a popular fruit, containing antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fiber, and a range of other nutrients. Due to their varied nutrient content, they may help prevent several health conditions. For example, they may help reduce the risk of cancerobesityheart diseasediabetes, and several other conditions.

Key Ingredients

All Purpose Flour, Soy Milk, Canola Oil, White Sugar, Vanilla Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Table Salt, Rice Whipping Cream, Vegan white chocolate compound, Vegan Mousse Gelatine, Inverted sugar syrup, Cinnamon, Oat, Vegan Butter, Lemon Juice

Nutrition Label

Bite Size
Energy 263.5 81.0 Kcal
Protein 1.4 0.4 g
Total Lipid 12.8 3.9 g
Sat 4.1 1.2 g
Trans 0.0 0.0 g
Carbohydrate 38.6 12.0 g
Fibre 0.4 0.2 g
Sugar 22.4 7.2 g
Sodium 295.5 92.8 mg

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