Mooncake & Palmier Bundle

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This Mooncake & Palmier bundle is perfect for gifting your loved one this mid autumn.

Indulge in this quintessential mooncake tradition without the guilt. Our box of 6 mini vegan mooncakes presented in a beautiful forest green gift box.  The Vegan Palmier gift set will also elevate any afternoon tea time with friends and family this season. The gift box is beautifully presented in a Royal blue origami-inspired packaging with gold elements that pay tribute to the Japanese arts. The pack includes 16 pcs of our two signature flavors: Chocolate and Salted Caramel.

Mooncake Flavors 

Matcha Mochi – Chewy mochi goodness and matcha white bean paste wrapped in a fragrant matcha-flavoured crust, our Matcha Mochi mooncakes are the harmonious fusion of two Chinese and Japanese classics.

Earl Grey Black Sugar Mochi – Subtle notes of floral, citrus, and bitterness of Earl Grey accentuate the sweetness of the mochi, creating a well-balanced and flavourful sensory experience. A symphony of East meets West.

Black Sesame Lava – Oozing with essential minerals and high in anti-oxidents, our nutrient-dense Black Sesame Lava is a healthy indulgence that everyone can enjoy.

Red Date Mochi Lava – Naturally sweet and chewy jujubes paired with an equally chewy and delectable mochi center make these mooncakes the ultimate health-forward choice for Mid Autumn.

Chocolate Hazelnut Lava – Decadent chocolate cookie crust encasing a buttery hazelnut center that oozes with every bite. This flavor needs no further introduction.

Coconut Peanut Lava – The Coconut Peanut Lava’s creamy center perfectly compliments the nutty and slightly creamy texture its coconut casing.

*Keep refrigerated at 4°C or below. To consume the mooncakes, heat them up in the microwave for 15 seconds under medium heat. 

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