5 Basics to Go Plastic Free in Hong Kong

Plastic pollution has always been a problem Hong Kong is facing. Mangkhut might have made some damages but it has also put the problem right in front of us - with piles of plastic trash washed up into our city, including plastic bottles from 1998 and documents from 1995. It's a reminder that we should never underestimate the impact of the tiny little plastic waste we make. There’s always something we can do. Say No to Straws, Cutlery and Containers When Ordering Takeout  Whether you work from home or in the office, it's not difficult to start reducing plastic waste from your lunch. Bring your lunch box to order takeout while getting some fresh air. It takes you maybe 10 minutes everyday but you can make a difference that can last up to 1000 years. If you bring your containers to The Cakery, we'll reward you with HKD 5 discount! (T&C apply)



Bring Your Own Reusable Water Bottle, Shopping Bag and Cutlery with You

Get a shopping bag that is fashionable and practical at the same time that you would like to carry around. And there are beautiful water bottles such as S'well and bkr you can go for and reusable cutlery made with bamboos and woods available in the market. These little items can certainly make your Sunday hangout guilt-free. Free Water Hong Kong (available on iPhone/ Andriod) can help you locate public water fountains and dispensers throughout Hong Kong. The Cakery shopping bag is on its way, please stay tuned!


Buy in Bulk to Avoid Plastic Packaging

Instead of going to supermarkets, maybe consider farmers markets and wet markets where you can buy fresh products without the plastic wraps? There are bulk food stores around Hong Kong where you can find more options from seasoning to toiletries. Good news - The Cakery is offering bulk purchasing for granola, cookies and dehydrated fruit too!


Go for Better Options It might be easy to overlook the small items we own such as toothbrushes and lip balms but there are great solutions. Coconut Matter offers vegan-friendly lip products made with coconut oil, free from any toxic ingredients, and packed in paper packaging! You can also find good quality bamboo toothbrushes easily online now.



For anyone who's looking for an eco-friendly personalized gift, use the code "CAKERY" to receive a free customization service when you purchase any Coconut Matter lip balms or lipsticks! (valid till 31 October 2018 only)   





Think Twice and Live Minimally Before buying anything, maybe ask ourselves if we really need it? It's the best of time for us to reflect carefully on our shopping habits and put the money in the right place. It's not only about plastic, it's about the way we live, the values we believe in.