5 Videos to Kick-Start the Mindful Lifestyle

More and more people are trying to eat healthy.  Clean eating is a trend that a lot of people is trying to adopt. People look from magazines to social media posts for ideas on how to pick up this healthier habit. Check out these 5 you-tubers for some great inspirations: Niomi Smart What I Eat In A Day A series of plant-based diet, from AM to PM.

Pick up Lime Mindset For Healthy Eating I know I eat well the majority of the time, so I am not going to give myself a hard time at all, for enjoying a treat, cooking with a little bit oils, and including refined sugar in my dessert recipe. Because it’s all about finding the balance, taking a step back and looking at the big picture - Sadia


Liv B Vegan For Beginners: Dinner Ideas new series: Vegan For Beginners! These videos will include recipes and information that is aimed at people who are new vegans or what to start eating more plant-based. That being said, anyone can get something out of this! The recipes are my normal style of simple, easy, and quick to make so they are perfect for everyone to have in their back pocket! Enjoy.

- Liv B

Rowena Tsai 10 Practical Ways to Incorporate More Self Care & Wellness Into Your Daily Life How to seamlessly weave more self-care into your daily routine. Since you guys loved the first Self Care Routine video, I thought I'd make an updated version covering more grounds like eating intuitively and skincare and paying it forward. - Rowena Tsai

Alli Cherry 5 Low Waste Shopping Tips with Christine from Snapshots of Simplicity There are so many ways to live a sustainable lifestyle. Remember that perfection doesn't exist and sustainability is going to look different for everyone. I hope this video inspires you to take small steps towards reducing your waste because small steps add up to big change! - Alli Cherry