Have a Greener Halloween, Less Waste More Fun!

Halloween is in 2 days! Some of you might have partied over the weekend already. For those that are still in the planning stage, have you thought of a greener Halloween this year? So, how can we stay green and still have fun? We are here to help you get started!

Do you plan on stocking up for trick or treat? How about some dye-free, organic, allergen-friendly, non-GMO, fair-trade candies? all these options can help keep us and our kiddos as far away from artificial dyes, artificial flavors, and unsustainable production as possible. If you are planning a Halloween party, how about making your own homemade Halloween treats with natural ingredients:

Jack - O - Lantern Sweet Potato Face

For those looking for costumes, have you ever considered making your own? Many store-bought costumes bear a huge carbon footprint. Not only are most made overseas, but they also get trucked across the country to make it to your local store. But more than that, most costumes are also made with cheap materials made from chemicals or oil. A quick search on Pinterest will show you an incredible number of ideas for making your own costume. There are some incredibly cute ideas out there!

DIY No Sew Felt Rainbow Unicorn Costume

Last but not least, use every part of your Jack-o-Lantern! You can use every single part of your jack-o-lantern to make sure none of it goes to waste. When you are carving it, you can save the pulp to make pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread or pumpkin seed granola. Spread the seeds out on a baking sheet, coat them with a light oil, sprinkle salt on them, and bake them for a roasted pumpkin seed snack. When Halloween is over, toss the pumpkin in the compost pile. You just enjoyed a zero-waste jack-o-lantern.

Homemade Pumpkin Pie

 Happy Green and Spooky Halloween! If you are interested in The Cakery's Halloween Collection, take a look at our offers: The Cakery Halloween 2018 XOXO